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About Sprout Yoga

What We Do: Sprout Yoga’s Mission

SPROUT YOGA is dedicated to helping those who are healing from eating disorders. Our organization was created to provide free yoga to those who suffer.

SPROUT YOGA's mission is to create and support a national network of yoga teachers and licensed counselors who understand how yoga can play a role in healing from eating disorders. As a part of this mission, SPROUT YOGA seeks to train, advocate, inspire and coordinate yoga teachers across the country on community yoga and the vital need for non-fee-based yoga classes. We believe this kind of karma yoga benefits not only the community, but the teachers themselves.

SPROUT YOGA also seeks to work with the mental health community to create greater understanding about what role yoga can play in healing disorders with dissociative aspects. SPROUT YOGA's mission is to create a bridge between the valuable research and education already in existence in the mental health community and yoga teachers.

Who We Are: Sprout Yoga’s Staff

Maggie Juliano, Founder & Executive Director
Maggie is a certified yoga teacher with specialized training in trauma and founded Sprout Yoga because she saw a need for yoga for anyone of any size, shape or color. She teaches private and donation based classes, as well as develops yoga programs for other nonprofit service organizations. Maggie recently travelled to Haiti as part of Yoga4Trauma to teach Haitian school children. Maggie is also the author of the forthcoming book “Compassionate Body: Using Yoga to Create a Positive Body Image.“ As executive director, Maggie speaks publicly about yoga and eating disorder and has been interviewed for several blogs, magazines and books.

Susi Costello, Director
Susi is a certified yoga teacher, registered psychiatric nurse, and Reiki master trained in trauma-sensitive yoga techniques. Having experienced yoga as a healing force in her own recovery from anorexia, she sees the importance of bringing this gift to others. In her "day job" she has been teaching yoga and meditation for years to people with substance abuse problems, many of whom also suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. By participating in Sprout Yoga, she is able to give back and honor those people who impacted her recovery.

Thais Guimaraes, Outreach Coordinator
Thais, a certified yoga teacher, sought out yoga as a means of healing and growth. After years of suffering through self hate and unhealthy behaviors and trying to cope with her disordered relationship with food, she found therapy and yoga and began to find peace. With aspirations to spread the power of yoga in battling eating disorders and body image issues, she shares her knowledge and wisdom via our social media network.

Crystina Bianco, Creative Director/Webmaster
Crystina is a designer in the publishing industry with a BA in Graphic Design from the University of the Arts (UARTS). She got involved with Sprout Yoga during her personal journey to fitness and healthy eating, and is living proof that yoga can be a powerful force in transforming one’s body image and their attitude toward exercise.

Sprout Yoga’s Board of Directors

Susi Costello
Marjorie Nolan, RD
Jocelyn Park
Kendra Sebelius, CPA
Alix Timko, PhD
Maggie Whiteman-Greecher, JD

Sprout Yoga’s Board of Advisors

Martha Ann Carey, PhD
Anna Guest-Jelly
Danie Greenwell
Bree Greenberg-Benjamin, MS, Ed
Jenny Naes, CYT
Alexa Oth
Lynn Somerstein, PhD

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