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Body Compassion: Instructor's Training & Resource Manual on Yoga for Eating Disorders

This manual is for yoga instructors and provides vital information on teaching yoga to those recovering from eating disorders (ED) and disordered eating. It is meant to serve as a guide and resource for how to incorporate this information into their regular classes; create special workshops or classes for those overcoming eating disorders or disordered eating; or work individually with people in recovery.

This manual is a product of a collective effort of yoga therapists, yoga teachers, therapists, researchers, individuals in recovery from ED and substance abuse, and others.

Yoga teachers have said "this book will be immensely helpful to anyone."

What's Inside...
• Overview: The Purpose of This Manual
• Defining the Disease: The Universe of Eating Disorders
• The Roots of The Disorder: From a Clinical Definition to Personal Perspective
• The Treatment Team: Who's Involved -A Multifaceted Approach
• Co-Occuring Disorders: The Comorbidity of Eating Disorders & Trauma
• Yoga & Recovery: Why and How Yoga Can Help ED Recovery
• Yoga Teacher Specifics: Approach, Poses, Verbal Cues & Environment
• Resources/Further Reading: Self-Help Books & Resources You May Find Helpful
• References: Studies, Books, Websites and other Materials

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